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Automated tasks to speed up your entire practice

April 9, 2021

“With Semble, we save up to a day of work a week”
Dr Mark Silvert, The Blue Tree Clinic

When you found Semble, what were you looking for?

We were looking for an e-records software that was modern and easy to use as we have very little time to learn a cumbersome product. We wanted a software that would allow us to perform all our admin and medical duties in one centralised platform.

What specific problems/challenges were you trying to solve?

  • Easy registration of patients
  • Confidential storage of information
  • Using software through the web
  • Sharing medical letters and the creation of letters
  • Software that was highly adaptable to how we needed to use it and is easy to use
  • Something that integrates with prescriptions, invoicing, audit, etc


How were these problems affecting your business?

Everything was taking a long time to achieve in practice. We used to use Word templates for letters and patient correspondence had to be sent using encryption software. We even had to manually encrypt all our folders and send invoices by post - all these things combined were massively slowing down our week.


How has Semble helped you overcome those challenges?

Semble addresses everything we were looking for and more. Even without further developments, it has really sped up our work.

Tasks that you would think take a few seconds, such as handwriting prescriptions have been massively streamlined; Semble creates these automatically and allows you to send them securely within seconds! This is one of the things which has really revolutionised our week.


What measurable improvements have you seen with Semble?

Our main pain point was letter creation. With Semble, we are saving an entire staff member's workload, who we can now dedicate to other areas in the practice. For example, letters were previously taking about 1 hour but now they take about 10 minutes to complete!

We also save a considerable amount of time each day sending invoices, appointment confirmation emails and reminders.

Overall, considering these time-savers and other smaller ones, a good estimation would be that we save about half a day to a 1 full day a week with Semble.