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Measuring the value of your digital healthcare marketing strategy with Semble

January 25, 2021
Want your clinic to reach it's full potential? It all starts with good marketing. We've teamed up with the experts at Medico Digital to bring you our top tips for effective healthcare marketing. 

As a healthcare specialist digital marketing partner for Semble, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. For many of our clients, Semble ticks that box.

Semble booking allows:

  • Real time appointment booking
  • Reduced friction for patients and a better patient journey
  • Less unfilled clinic time for clinicians
  • Reduced administration costs

How was clinic success previously measured?

Traditionally, the easiest way to measure success from digital marketing has been to track “enquiries”. Anyone that visits your website and takes an action such as calling a phone number, submitting a form, or clicking on an email address.

This traditional method gives us a good baseline for measuring success, but it lacks accuracy. If you want to truly assess the performance of your marketing investment you need to know the number (and ideally a quantifiable value) of patient bookings generated, not the number of enquiries, many of which may never go on to become a patient you see in the practice. 

You could utilise a complicated CRM integration with a tool like Salesforce, and manually update your patient records after consultation with revenue figures (and again after treatment or repeat visits), ensuring these are then exported back into your ad management platform. Unless you have the resources to do this, it’s very difficult to measure success with any further accuracy.

Semble bridged that gap with real-time booking for clinicians, patients can now see calendar availability, book and pay all in one seamless act.

This was a big step in the right direction, but one remaining issue kept coming up for our clients: “It’s great that we can track leads, and we’re getting more of them now they can book directly online - but how can we attribute revenue back to our marketing activity?”. 

This was a problem because there was no way to automatically send revenue figures back to Google Ads or any other ad platform… until now!

The future of measuring success in healthcare marketing

The team at Medico Digital created a piece of javascript code that can be injected into any website that contains a Semble booking form. This means that once a successful booking has been completed, booking information, including value of sale can be fed back into your ad platform.

This is important for two main reasons:

1. Accurate reporting

Within your ad platform, you can now view the cost of advertising against the revenue generated directly from that channel. It’s now much easier to see what’s working and what needs improvement, which is key to optimising the performance of your campaigns.

2. Leveraging powerful targeting techniques

Ad platform targeting systems have been moving towards powerful machine learning over the past five years. In Google Ads for example, within a finite media budget, you can leverage all of the data that Google has on a searcher to decide whether or not they’re likely to perform the action you want them to. That action could be clicking on your ad, it could be submitting a contact form or (with our new tracking) it could be completing a high-value booking.

This is how you create profitable campaigns that are scalable because that marketing budget can be instantly justified.

If you’re interested in end to end tracking, and you already have a Semble booking integration, speak to our healthcare marketing experts today to see how they can help you set up and capitalise on this game-changing marketing solution.