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Semble in 2021: A Year of Growth

January 26, 2022

A Year of Growth

2021 continued to bring new challenges to healthcare. Semble has risen to these challenges and continues to bring innovation to the private healthcare sector with our digital software solutions that are helping thousands of private practices across the UK.

This year has been a year of growth for Semble, on every front. Reflecting on 2021, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in the current climate, and we are even more excited for what is yet to come as we continue to grow. 

With more clients trusting in our company, more partners joining our brand, and more patients experiencing an improved healthcare service, Semble is well on the way to achieving our mission to be the leading private healthcare software provider.


Series A Fundraise

A key milestone for Semble this year was our $8.3M Series A fundraise. This fundraise is a huge recognition from investors of our potential and gives us a lot of firepower to work towards our mission: improving healthcare.


“Innovating and contributing to a transforming healthcare industry, profoundly impacted by regulatory changes, new patient expectations, and a global pandemic is both fascinating and rewarding. This new raise will help us accelerate our growth in the UK, focus on our product and expand its capabilities, as well as go after international markets.”

Christoph Lippuner, co-founder and CEO of Semble

An increased interest in healthtech has been echoed in the wider healthcare industry with more healthtech investments and a greater number of M&A. Healthtech companies raised around $40B across 2021, which is more than double the amount raised in 2020. Investors and larger companies across the board are recognising the big transformation which lies ahead for healthcare.


Pharmacy integrations and launch of e-prescriptions feature

In June, Semble launched its new pharmacy integration to bring greater ease when prescribing medication and more convenience to patients. Medical prescriptions are sent directly to pharmacies and patients can choose to collect or have their medication delivered straight to their homes. The process is much more efficient and also mitigates the risk of lost prescriptions for both practice and patients. 

“I was able to email an acute prescription (electronically signed) via sharing to a patient that required more urgent attention while I was away. The entire patient contact and disruption for me was limited to 10 minutes and a tremendous example of meaningful seamless care with Semble which improved patient clinical outcome.”

Dr Kyle Lifson, Kalmed Clinic


Semble reached 3.5M patients

As of December, Semble is serving hundreds of practices looking after 3.5 million patients across the UK!


Video consultation enhancement

Our video consultations feature underwent a redesign in October to improve our online health services for clinicians. In 2021 alone, over 150,000 consultations were conducted via video. 

Beyond improved video quality, it is now possible for multiple participants to attend calls, screen share, and more. The team also worked to improve the call bandwidth to provide a stronger signal and improve the consultation experience.

Telehealth (2)

Growing the Semble team

This year Semble has doubled its team! Investing in talent is the main reason why our company is successful. In the past year we have increased our team from 20 to 50 people, in line with our growing client base and our continued commitment to invest in our product. 

We are thrilled to have welcomed so many new faces and amazing talent to our team. While our hybrid and flexible work model means some of us are yet to meet in person, it is exciting to watch our company grow so rapidly with such focused and dedicated people. 

We are still hiring for over 15 positions across our Tech, Product, and Sales teams. Our employee NPS score (over 50!) places us amongst the top UK startups to work for and we are eager to continue growing our team with people from all walks of life. 

Visit our Careers page for all our job listings.

Return of in-person events

November was an exciting month for Semble’s Sales team who had the opportunity to attend the PULSE and GIANT2021 conferences. It was great to be able to talk about healthcare with so many clinicians and medical personnel face-to-face again. 


SMS and emails feature release

We launched our new SMS and email templates for improved patient communications in December. The new templates are designed to bring greater flexibility and ease to patient communications, with unlimited custom reminders and enhanced organisation tools such as priority, status, and channel.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of everything Semble has been doing in the past year. To catch up with more of Semble’s 2021 accomplishments, explore the Semble blog