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Launching your private healthcare practice: where to begin?

December 1, 2021

Where to begin?

Starting your own private healthcare practice can be a daunting process, but by identifying your core foundations you can build a strong business from the base up.

There are so many different components to consider when starting a private healthcare practice and it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. That’s why we have compiled a handy ebook, written with the help of healthcare professionals from across the industry, to break it down and give you all the tools you need.

Ultimately, when it comes to starting your own practice there is one key step that will put you on the path to success: laying down strong foundations. After all, you wouldn’t build a house starting with the roof, and the same should be true for your business.

Find the full ebook here

Building from the bottom up

There are three aspects at the core of all businesses: why, what, and how. Mark Philpott, CEO of NPH Group, explains how identifying these criteria creates a clear vision that you can adhere to as you set up your business.

With this vision in place, it is easier to make decisions regarding the working of your practice that will enable the vision to become a reality.

A clear vision coupled with the adoption of systems and processes which have been configured with purpose will provide the bedrock for success and future growth.”

Knowing your ‘why’, your purpose and drive, and the ‘what’, the service you wish to provide, will allow the ‘how’ to naturally fall into place.


Finding your purpose

If you have decided to launch your own private practice then you likely already know your purpose. Dr Gero Baiarda, Clinic Director at GPDQ, suggests a small journaling exercise to help flesh out the finer details of your idea and layout a clearer path of how to get there.

By answering these questions you can identify your purpose and vision and begin to see the future shape of your private practice.

  • Why do you exist?
  • What future do you want to help create by practising privately?

The answers to these prompts are the bricks for your foundations and identifying them will enable you to build a practice that fulfils its aim and provides patients with the best healthcare available.

“Keep the answers safe, read them regularly and refer back to them. They will help to keep you consistent and accountable as you work your way through the setup process and beyond.”

Read the full chapter on ‘Launching a Brand in Healthcare’ by Dr Gero Baiarda in the ebook.

What makes your service unique?

Now you have established your ‘why’ it’s time to consider the ‘what’. What service are you providing? What makes it special?

Oliver Capel, Managing Director at Medico Digital, acknowledges how highly competitive the healthcare market is nowadays. With the increasing use of the internet and digital technology, the healthcare options are endless and it is easy for one small practice to get lost in the crowd.

Finding your practice’s defining feature and knowing exactly why it is worthy of a patient’s time will create a smoother ride when it comes to building out the finer points.

‘’Define your service, highlight its benefits and do everything you can to create a personalised brand of medical care.”

By knowing the unique ‘what’ of your private healthcare service you can make decisions about your brand, content, website, and practice protocols designed to specifically celebrate and promote this selling point.

The ‘How’: putting it into action

This is where everything else comes in. You know your ‘why’ and your ‘what’, you’ve established a clear vision, and you know exactly who you want to serve and what service you are providing. The rest is easy!

Although this stage is perhaps the largest, all subsequent business decisions will be much easier because you now have a clear path to follow. Whether hiring new staff, choosing your brand design, or deciding on practice protocols, it all comes back to those foundations.

For example, deciding how much to use phone triaging and online appointments will depend on the nature of your customers and the service you are providing. Different age groups will require a more reassuring, in-person service, and certainly different specialities are more hands-on than others.

Similarly, deciding on marketing strategies and the type of content you wish to create is also tailored to your specific service. If your patient population is likely to be younger, then social media could be a better place for advertising than written letters or even emails.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the different considerations of setting up a private practice in this last stage. Keep in mind your vision and purpose, and you will build a strong business.

You can find out more about the specifics of accounting, marketing, software, and patient experience in the ebook.

Download the ebook

So what are you waiting for? Find your foundations for a strong and successful private practice.

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