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Remembering Florence Nightingale

August 12, 2022

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)

Last month we rebranded to ‘Semble’, and so far we have been delighted with the positive feedback from our users. We would like to thank all our practices for embarking on this journey with us, and we hope that you're enjoying the new system.

Florence Nightingale is a core part of the Semble identity, and with the 112th anniversary of her passing coming up on the 13th of August, we thought this would be a good opportunity to celebrate her incredible achievements.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is often (and rightfully) remembered for her work in modernising the nursing profession during the Crimean War* and advocating for improved sanitation in British society** during the Victorian era.

Her achievements do not end there, however. Nightingale was a pioneer in statistics, especially in her use of the polar area diagram, which also became known as the ‘Nightingale rose diagram’. She used mathematics and statistics to show correlations between hygiene practises and mortality rates in the British Army, which led to significant reforms in healthcare***.

Semble and Rose Chart Comparison
Florence Nightingale Rose Diagram (1858) 


Data Analysis with Semble

Florence Nightingale proved how powerful data analysis can be in improving healthcare, and we hope on this commemoration day we can encourage our practices to follow her example.

Whether you are pulse-checking your finances, or discovering how your patient journeys are progressing, data analytics are key to understanding and growing your practice.

The Analytics page in Semble can display your practice data from today up to an entire year previous. No setup or downloads required, just raw data at your fingertips. See our Help Centre for more information.

Harness the power of your data today, and grow your practice with Semble.


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