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Semble in 2023: More features, users and treated patients than ever before

January 12, 2024
2023 has come to an end and we are diving headfirst into 2024. But before we do, I wanted to reflect on the last 12 months and all that we achieved together. As I look back, I find so many reasons to take pride in our collective accomplishments - and I want to share those with you. 
From major patient milestones to new feature releases, I want to thank everyone who has supported us so far in our mission of enabling healthcare professionals to amplify their impact. Take a look at some of our 2023 highlights below. 

6m patients supported

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Semble has transformed the care journey for many patients over the last year. We are thrilled that an additional 1,856,450 patients have benefited from the support of healthcare professionals using Semble in 2023 alone, bringing our overall total to over 6 million.

“Before Semble we saw five patients a day with nine members of staff. Now we see over 100 patients a day with over 60 staff!” 
- Stephanie Byrom, Director of Operations and Business Development, Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services 

1,000 user accounts

We believe that by enhancing the daily lives of healthcare professionals, we contribute to the improvement of the whole healthcare system. We are now empowering over 1,000 healthcare organisations to amplify their impact on patient health.

Semble was the perfect answer to our problems. It’s made life easier and saved us all time, which means my clinicians have been able to double the amount of patients they’re seeing.”
- Natasha Jovic, Medical Secretary

60 specialities

Of those 1,000 accounts, we’re positively impacting around 60 different healthcare specialities. From GPs to psychiatry, gynaecology to orthopaedics, primary care through to secondary, Semble is flexible enough to cater to a whole host of specific user and patient needs, allowing all different services to speak to each other, creating a smoother patient journey.

“With letters emailed straight to a patient’s GP, there’s more accountability. The pathway is bulletproof, and patients can see we care about their care. Those communication lines are important – patients then feel that we’re taking them seriously.”
– Dr Matthew Balerdi, Consultant Cardiologist, Spire

New features

In everything we do, healthcare professionals and their patients stand at the forefront. We aim to enable these professionals to amplify their impact, connecting each one to the healthcare community around them. We created, updated and improved so many Semble features in 2023 that allow users to achieve just that.

From small but mighty changes, such as letterheads and footers for brand-aligned practice comms, to monumental additions like Semble Data, Semble Pay and Hospital Booking Forms - each feature has a huge impact on both the staff and patient experience.

Semble is constantly listening to and responding to its user’s feedback, and developing its product to meet the evolving needs of its customers.”
- Dr Lucy Buckley, Co-Founder, Dr Fertility

3 prestigious recognitions

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We were lucky enough to be included in Business Cloud’s Best Health Technology Creators list of 2023, as well as AlbionVC’s European Healthtech Market map. We also became ISO 27001 certified, which recognises Semble’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding data.

“Semble is much more than practice management, it’s a business tool to develop a safe and effective medical practice at scale.”
- Dr Giles Davies, Founder, The Breast Clinic

250k Lab orders

In 2023 we processed nearly quarter of a million lab orders through our 10 pathology partners. The wide variety of labs we offer means that Semble users are provided with an assortment of tests to suit their needs, with results that are returned in hours, not days. 

“I was so amazed by the speediness of the results and the in-depth of the analysis and how well explained the reports are.”
– Patient at Hertility (via Doctify)

157k Pharmacy prescriptions

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a variety of pharmacy partners, meaning practices have a whole host of medications to choose from – even ones that are usually in high demand and low supply. E-prescriptions create a much more manageable and dependable patient pathway.

“I had the medications prescribed in my hands within two hours of the appointment.”
– Patient at London Doctors Clinic (via Doctify)

25 new team members

6 million patients (1)

Our success lies with the breadth of talent we have at Semble. From product to tech, customer support to marketing, we’ve been able to add a few new faces to our teams as Semble continues to grow. Our entire team are deeply invested in Semble's mission and everyone, from each corner of the business, provide their unique skill set that continues to improve our offering to you and your patients. 

If you're interested in making a difference to healthcare in 2024, keep an eye on our careers page for vacancies. 

"I have never worked somewhere where my ideas and suggestions have been valued as they are here. This makes a great atmosphere to work in. Everyone is focused on providing the best service we can to our clients and this is very important to me."
- Semble employee review (via Glassdoor)