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Going above and beyond at Nightingale Hospital

April 28, 2022

Sukna Rehayel is Medical Secretary to Dr Parker, a clinician at Nightingale Hospital, London’s only private Mental Health hospital in London. Sukna joined Dr Parker last November to help run his clinic with Semble’s practice management software. 

A paperless clinic

Semble’s software allows Dr Parker to operate a completely paperless clinic, which is a huge bonus for both Dr Parker and Sukna because of the increased efficiency, reduced paperwork, and ease of collating patient data.

Sukna strives to be as efficient and organised as possible to ensure a high level of patient care. A major part of this is staying on top of the large volume of patient enquiries that come through each day via email. Sukna uses Semble to organise all patient and practice data and to manage new bookings and email enquiries. All information received through email channels can be put into Semble, and Sukna finds that this makes the data much easier to manage and deal with quickly and efficiently

“Semble is our database, it’s like my personal digital library.”

Alongside these functions, Sukna also uses Semble’s letter and templates feature for a more collaborative daily workflow. She and Dr Parker use the feature as a shared workspace for editing and compiling patient letters with the editing and review option. Using the templates and letters feature in this way enables Sukna to ensure punctual responses to patient queries and a quick turnaround.


Patient confidentiality and secure healthcare

Offering a mental health service means that Sukna and Dr Parker deal with a wide range of complex and sensitive topics, so ensuring the highest level of patient confidentiality and data protection is crucial. 

One of the most important parts of Sukna’s work is ensuring that the clinic complies with GDPR regulations. Dr Parker specialises in addiction treatment, and many of his patient’s families are closely involved with their family member’s care. Consequently, Sukna often communicates with patients and family members, and must do so with the utmost care. 

Semble’s security measures help Sukna to ensure the correct level of confidentiality is met with the two-factor authentication login requirements and the secure sharing of patient information. Sukna is able to share data with patients via a secure email link that requires patients to enter their personal details, thus ensuring that only the correct person views sensitive information.


Remote access flexibility

Since the pandemic, the nature of work and healthcare has greatly changed and more services are now being offered remotely, online. Sukna enjoys the flexibility to work from home one day of the week, and the ability to access Semble from any device, anywhere enables her to continue to provide the highest level of service as a Medical Secretary to Dr Parker, wherever she is. 

“Semble is a clean, secure, and easy way of doing things in the clinic.”


Sukna was featured as Semble’s Medical Secretary of the Month on recommendation from Dr Parker who was continuously impressed with the high standard of her work and support in his clinic.

If you would like to recommend a Medical Secretary for MedSec of the Month or know of someone who would like to talk to Semble more about their work in private practice, please get in contact with marketing@semble.io