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Intuitive booking and billing helps MUMS stay on top of patient payments

April 7, 2022

Stephanie Byrom has been managing private healthcare since 2010. Stephanie is Director of Operations at Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services (MUMS) in Solihull, West Midlands, and previously worked with multiple other private practices across the UK, as well as the NHS.

It's safe to say that Stephanie is an expert when it comes to private practice and healthcare management.  

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MUMS: At a glance

Name: Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services

Clinic type: GP, antenatal, tests and diagnostics

Staff: 70

Patients: 100 per day

Needs: An intuitive system that could be used by a variety of staff, which can book in and bill patients efficiently


The challenge: Quality patient communications in a remote setting 

For Stephanie, the key to running a successful practice is having the most efficient clinical billing system available to support her daily work.

Stephanie reports that when she discovered Semble, she migrated a number of private healthcare providers from their existing softwares over to Semble. When Stephanie joined MUMS in October 2020, Semble was the obvious choice of clinical software to implement into the practice.

Although she didn’t experience any major problems with previous software she had used, it was simply that Semble was better.

“After the first demo with Semble I was sold, and have been a supporter ever since.”

Stephanie Byrom
Director of Operations

The solution: An intuitive billing system and time-saving consultations 

MUMS is a diagnostic and treatment centre that provides healthcare at all stages of life. In the past years, MUMS has grown from a private antenatal centre to a full diagnostic treatment centre. The practice offers everything from test and diagnostics to physiotherapy and antenatal care. 

In order to manage MUMS efficiently, Stephanie was looking for a remotely accessible clinical billing software that was intuitive, easy to use, and loved by both clinicians and administrators. 

From the outset, Stephanie found Semble easy to navigate and well-designed. In particular, the patient registration screen and calendar management features were simple to use and helped Stephanie to better manage patient bookings and her staff rota. 

“The best bit about Semble is its ease of use, remote accessibility, and simplicity.”

Semble’s product was less cumbersome and labour intensive than Stephanie’s previous software, yet still provided the same level of sophistication and functionality. She noticed that clinicians also seemed to prefer the layout of the consultations feature in Semble, which had been more complex in other software she had worked with.

The cornerstone of the practice

At MUMS, Stephanie uses Semble for everything. It is their electronic medical record (EMR) software for all practice and patient data, and also their financial software. These two features are crucial to running any private healthcare practice.

Without them, Stephanie’s job would be a lot harder, but with them, Stephanie runs an efficient and streamlined healthcare practice and demonstrates her natural talent for practice management.

As with other features, Semble’s clinical billing and invoicing software help to reduce the workload for admin staff and practice managers. Stephanie comments that the ease of adding new products and services to the database, without needing to configure a new page, saves her a lot of time when creating invoices. 

The ability to create an invoice from the patient booking in Semble is also particularly useful, as are the analytics features that allow her to run various financial reports. 

While there are still some aspects of financial management that are still more manual, Semble’s finance software alleviates a significant amount of work for Stephanie and her team. Through Semble’s partnership with MUMS and working closely with Stephanie, Semble has been able to work towards developing new analytics features that will be released soon.

With Semble at her fingertips, Stephanie is able to manage MUMS as it continues to provide the highest quality medical care in the Midlands. She feels supported by her practice management software, and knows that should she ever run into difficulties, Semble’s Customer Success team is always available to help. 

Find out more about Semble for Medical Secretaries and Practice Managers here.

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