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Grow your healthcare business with invoicing and lab integrations

March 16, 2021

"Semble allowed us to move to an entirely paperless system, simultaneously letting us monitor all medical and admin activities. It also enables us to automate many of our processes which were not possible previously."


When you found Semble, what were you looking for?

A fully integrated clinical software that was reliable and with good customer support was imperative to us. It was also important to have invoicing built into the software and an easy way to prescribe and dispense medication. 

What specific problems or challenges were you trying to solve?

We were looking for a system that would assist us in the expansion of our growing business and enable us to be completely paperless.  Key elements were:

  •  Integrations with both a laboratory  and an invoicing system;
  • Generating prescriptions easily and having a systematic way of dispensing medication;
  • Standardising consultations to keep a consistent clinical approach.

How were these problems affecting your business?

We could either not do the above or we had a manual process dramatically slowing things down at the clinic. It generally took much longer to sort things out.

For labs, we would receive labs as PDF documents, which made it difficult for us to attach other documents or notes to them. It was then hard to send off as we had to print or download and send via our email inbox or post.

In terms of prescriptions and consultations, we lacked a systematic approach that was clean, organised and easy to use which slowed our processes down drastically and complicated things.

"Without Semble, I would probably need to hire another admin"

How has Semble helped you overcome those challenges?

Semble allowed us to move to work  entirely paperless and simultaneously letting us monitor all medical and admin activities. It also enables us to automate many of our processes that were not possible previously (e.g registration forms and patient questionnaires).

The essential features which we needed to help us grow our business such as invoicing and laboratory integrations have made a huge difference, saving us time and allowing us to be more organised in our day to day duties.

Semble is just much cleaner and more modern overall.

What measurable improvements have you seen with Semble?

There is absolutely no way we could have used the old software and do what we do now. We have saved a lot of time using Semble as it streamlines both our admin and medical day-to-day tasks, at the same time providing us with more structured information than we had before.