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November 17, 2023

Detailed reporting & cloud-based solution aids One Heart Clinic's rapid expansion


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Stephanie O’Kelly is the Regional Development Manager for One Heart Clinic, which provides in-person and remote diagnostic services for those concerned about their cardiac health.
One Heart currently have two clinics in central London, and a network of smaller clinics across the UK. They have used Semble for four years.

The challenge: A system that could handle expansion & increase patient outreach

In her role as Regional Development Manager, Stephanie oversees systems development, as well as the growth and development for One Heart Clinic overall. She uses Semble’s reporting feature to help her make key decisions around One Heart Clinic’s growth.

“Semble gives me business critical information when I need it, which helps us make decisions that push the business forward. As we expand to new sites, there are decisions I need to make about where to expand. This comes from looking at where our patients are coming from and core stock levels, which I can pull from Semble quickly and easily.”

Since starting with Semble four years ago, One Heart Clinic has grown exponentially. “We’ve gone from five members of staff and just one site, to five sites across the country – and more next year - with around 30 members of staff and 500 patients a month."

“We’ve gone from five members of staff and just one site, to five sites across the country, 30 members of staff and 500 patients a month."
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Stephanie O'Kelly, Regional Development Manager

Those 30 staff members are made up of consultants, as well as admin and management staff – each one using Semble in a unique way.

“Our front of house staff, admin and doctors use Semble for the management of patients. As part of the management team, I use it for business intelligence, reports and its API integrations that help us view patient numbers and demographics.”

Semble’s popularity with One Heart’s clinical staff stems from its automated features, which have been leveraged to improve patient engagement and contribute to their expansion. “Video consultations are done by an automated link, and confirmation emails are automatically sent immediately after their appointment. During an anxious time, these things really add value to the way a patient's journey is managed.”

Automated forms and digital questionnaires have also allowed staff to manage patient relationships and appointments better, whilst also becoming more eco-friendly. “Our service is almost completely paperless – we wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without Semble.”

The solution: A scalable, cloud-based system that grows with the business

With One Heart going from strength to strength, they needed a system that could grow with them. Stephanie has always found Semble to be a reliable and adaptable system that enables them to expand into different business areas: “We know that Semble can support us with whatever we need it to.”

Through Semble’s analytics, Stephanie can monitor the amount of diagnostic and consultation appointments booked , which contributes to their growth strategy.

Semble allows most of One Heart Clinic’s work to be completed within one system, meaning they’ve saved costs that would otherwise be spread across several platforms with varying licensing fees. Their data is protected, and time is saved by eliminating the need to jump from system to system.

“Semble has everything in one place: Telehealth, bookings, analytics, pathology. Data is secure and you don’t have the complexity of training staff across different systems with different functions.”

“Semble has everything in one place: Telehealth, bookings, analytics, pathology. We know Semble can support us with whatever we need it to.”
- Stephanie O'Kelly

It’s all-in-one nature also allows staff to complete diagnostics far quicker. One patient said: “All my appointments were on time and fast, I received all of my results extremely fast and all the staff were incredibly helpful and so nice to deal with. I would highly recommend.”

For Stephanie in particular, reporting is at the heart of her role – analytics are always on hand to help her plan One Heart Clinic’s next big move.

And with Semble, she knows that whatever they have planned is possible: “It’s a system we can trust.”

To find out more about how reporting can help you expand your business, take a look at our dedicated Semble Data page. 

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