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How eXroid is using practice management software to grow its business

December 20, 2021

eXroid, a provider of fast and effective electrotherapy treatment for internal haemorrhoids, has helped thousands of haemorrhoid sufferers across the UK. With its innovative treatments and impressive patient care, eXroid is at the forefront of haemorrhoid treatment and research in the country.

However, eXroid was previously using a practice management software that was simply not stable or reliable. eXroid found that the software they were using was inconsistent in its operations, meaning that patient letters were often reported as being sent when they weren’t, and operating functions such as integrating with payment systems would often loose connectivity.

“Whilst we were able to operate, we had to patch things up on a daily basis and the wage bill was rising as we were having to find more and more workarounds for functions that we had previously relied on.”
Michael Wilshaw, MD

Stable Functionality

In the UK, all healthcare providers are required to be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and complete various audits to ensure they provide adequate patient care. This involves showing that patients receive clear information pre-appointment, have fully informed consent as part of the care package, and also receive clear aftercare guidance. Not being able to reliably evidence that this was happening was a critical issue for eXroid, who aim to transform the transparency and quality of care that their patients receive.

Semble’s software and integrated features provided everything eXroid needed to ensure all patients were receiving complete structured information every time. Semble are now working with eXroid to develop further functionality and improve the quality, presentation, and scheduling of all outbound communications and enhanced management reporting. These features will have a direct impact on further sales and patient satisfaction growth for the company.

At the forefront of Haemorrhoid treatment

As part of their clinical research, eXroid tracks patient data and closely monitors treatment progress. This data is published in the public domain and in medical journals, placing eXroid at the forefront of research into the disease and also supporting other medical bodies such as NICE, the NHS, and Spire Healthcare in the treatment of patients.

In order to do this, eXroid required a practice management software that could document and store all patient data. Semble allowed clinicians to make additional notes on a patient and individual dashboards to track the progress of the disease, such as the number, grade, and location of haemorrhoids.

“Semble is the safe haven for our patient data.”

With Semble’s label feature, eXroid is able to flag up specific patient and treatment notes which they want to report on. This includes the location, number, and grade of each

The labelling feature has been fundamental for eXroid in their research and treatment
development. It has allowed them to closely track the treatment process from start to end and to monitor each stage of the disease during treatment.

Implementing growth goals

Alongside their innovative research, eXroid had big plans for expansion and growth which
would give their practice a higher case load. Consequently, they needed a management software that could support this level of growth, adequately serve increased patient numbers and capacity, and be flexible to support their expanding service needs in the future. With a reliable software in place, the practice has now been able to put these plans into action.

“The biggest benefit of Semble is their stability and reliability.”

eXroid has now treated over 3,500 patients in the UK and is looking to double its clinic
capacity in the next 12 months.

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