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Run your clinic from anywhere: Telehealth with Dr Fertility

May 11, 2022

Dr Fertility is a fully digital clinic that offers fertility support and treatment, requiring a practice management software with the capacity to support remote treatment to patients.

Dr Lucy Buckley and Kobi McCardle launched Dr Fertility in 2017 following their own frustrations at the lack of fertility support and information available for those considering or currently on a journey to parenthood. 

Dr Fertility is one of Semble's fully digital clinics, and the partnership has been pivotal in gaining understanding into what a digital clinic needs to provide remote healthcare. Together, Semble and Dr Fertility have been able to improve the Semble platform to offer the best telehealth services and technology possible.


From zero to 100

Dr Fertility is an online clinic that supports people through every stage of the fertility journey. The clinic provides emotional and medical support, fertility coaching, personalised testing, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) support, and Dr Fertility also runs an online shop offering a range of fertility products. 

Following the completion of their CQC registration in July 2020, Lucy and Kobi launched the online clinic with Semble. The most important requirement for their practice management software was remote access to clinical data and software. Other vital features they needed were a booking software, patient communications system, online payments software, and a platform for telehealth consultations.

From no online clinic at the start of 2020, Dr Fertility was up and running in a matter of months with Semble’s practice management software.

“Semble provided all the key features that we needed to get up and running and we were off the ground very quickly.” 


Telehealth with Semble

As an online clinic, Dr Fertility needed a reliable online platform through which they could offer the highest level of medical care to patients with a fully remote and digital service.

One of the most important requirements for Dr Fertility was the ability to access the software from anywhere. As a remote healthcare service, there was no set location or clinic, and so the clinicians and staff needed remote access to the software. Semble's cloud-based software allows user secure remote access from any device.

In order to offer online consultations, Dr Fertility also required a platform that had the capacity to hold all patient records, take patient bookings, and store doctor’s notes. Semble provided an integrated online booking software and acts as Dr Fertility’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, storing all patient data securely in one centralised, online location.  

Dr Fertility also uses Semble for its online payments features. The integrated payments software allows Dr Fertility to take payments for appointments at the time of booking, reducing the risk of no shows in the clinic and also reducing admin work for clinical staff.


Collaborative partnerships and product development

Since launching in 2020, Dr Fertility has worked closely with Semble to help improve Semble’s product offering for telehealth clinics and online healthcare services. As Head of Development at Dr Fertility, Liz French has been able to offer insights into the unique requirements of an online healthcare practice.

By working with Semble’s designers, and developers, her feedback has enabled Semble to build out new digital features, such as an improved mobile interface, and a more robust platform for online health services.

"We’ve been able to work collaboratively to improve features that have been beneficial internally and for our patients.”

With Liz and the clinic’s feedback, Semble has been able to improve patient communications capabilities by offering customisable communications for each clinical service.

Liz also particularly values the hands-on Customer Support team who are dedicated to supporting her.

“One of the real benefits of working with Semble is the ability to pick up the phone and talk to someone immediately.”

With Semble as their practice management software, Dr Fertility is able to achieve its vision of providing a gold standard fertility care, while operating a fully digital and remote healthcare service. 

Semble is a company that is constantly listening to and responding to its user’s feedback, and developing its product to meet the evolving needs of its customers.”


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