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Integrating a CMS to a practice management software

October 5, 2021

Marion Gluck Clinic is a world-leading private practice specialising in hormone balancing therapy using bioidentical hormones, they are one of many private practices that have now moved to a fully remote model. Conducting all appointments via video and telephone consultations.

Marion Gluck Clinic wanted to deliver a trustworthy, personalised patient lifecycle journey where all their patients were fully up to date and informed at every stage of their care. The key to achieving this level of care revolves around using better processes when it comes to automated lifecycle marketing.

The majority of the treatments provided by Marion Gluck Clinic are long term treatments that span over many weeks. These require the practice to touch base with patients regularly. A key aspect of the level of care Marin Gluck provides is maintaining a good level of personalised communication with their patients. However, maintaining this level of communication manually is simply not scalable.

“Before Semble, patient communication was a very manual process and was taking far too much time. Each member of our Patient Care Team would work one day per week purely on manual patient communications”

What Marion Gluck Clinic wanted to achieve was a mix of lifecycle marketing and transactional emails that could be sent to patients automatically.

“We wanted that little bit more fine-tuned control on how our communication could work and at what interval reminders should be sent.”

Semble already provided automated transactional emails. However, Marion Gluck Clinic required a higher level of communication utilising visual content and based around multiple “events” throughout the patient journey. Lifecycle is a huge part of the business and Marion Gluck Clinic needed to roll this out to scale.

Working with Semble, the goal was to build an integration to Marion Gluck Clinic’s CMS (Content Management System), Klaviyo. Klaviyo has the ability to send automated emails using the concept of “events” (or triggers). These events can be any action taken within the Semble software; custom-designed events, book an appointment, start a consultation, end a consultation, have a future blood test booked. etc. As and when a patient triggers one of these events, Semble’s API notifies Klaviyo which, in turn, immediately triggers the predetermined action, sending an email.

This intuitive setup allows the practice to send personalised email workflows for each individual, which is 100% automated and 100% scalable. Allowing them as a business to be communicative and responsive to patients, helping maintain that critical trust with a patient.

“We help people navigate their journey to make sure they are getting the right level of monitoring and contact with their doctor.”

Currently, Marion Gluck Clinic has the below workflows already in place: 

  • Check-in emails sent to patients that have not been heard from for 6-months
  • Reminders for appointments
  • Book post-consultation follow-ups
  • Booking reminders after several months
  • Notify patients when test results have been received
  • Regularly scheduled reminders for appointments

And this is just the beginning. Soon, all meaningful patient events will trigger an automated response perfectly suited to the level of care the patient requires.

For more information on The Marion Gluck Clinic, visit their website www.mariongluckclinic.com