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March 11, 2024

Debt 'a thing of the past' for MUMS, as patient numbers grow by nearly 2000%


At a glance 

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Stephanie Byrom is the Director of Operations and Business Development at Midlands Ultrasound & Medical Services (MUMS), which provides private diagnostic services, such as private GPs, specialist consultants, minor surgery and ultrasound scans.
They currently have 60,000 registered patients, and have used Semble for three years.

The challenge: Lack of reporting and remote access hindering opportunities for expansion

When Stephanie Byrom arrived at MUMS three years ago, their management system was limiting their ability to work with patients and stifling opportunities for growth. 

"It couldn’t be accessed remotely, consultants couldn’t share information. For me, there was no sophisticated reporting - I couldn’t look at our KPIs. It didn’t integrate with anything, so we had a lot of peripheral systems.”

As a result, the service MUMS provided was suffering. Stephanie was keen to rectify this issue, and see what was causing their business to lose money.

“MUMS wasn’t in a good place. It was in special measures with the CQC, and there was a loss of money. When I saw Semble managed stock, I could see that a lot of the money loss was because we didn’t have any intel on stock. We didn’t have information on expiry dates or amounts. So we starting using Semble to manage this.”

"Three years ago we saw five patients a day, with four clinicians and five members of staff. Now we see over 100 patients a day, with 60 staff, and revenue is far greater.”
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Stephanie Byrom, Director of Operations and Business Development

As Director of Operations and Business Development, one of Stephanie’s goals was to improve their service and grow the business. She knew that she needed a system that could scale with MUMS without the scalable price point.

“I needed a system that had the bandwidth to accommodate a large number of specialist consultants – GPs, sonographers, nurses and admin. It needed to be user-friendly, remotely accessible, have great reporting.”

The solution: A system with sophisticated reporting, that supports a diverse range of staff needs

Rapid expansion

Having their clinical, billing and operations management all under one roof with Semble, MUMS has significantly improved their CQC rating - and grown by nearly 2000%. Now the entire staff, from Stephanie’s operational team to their variety of consultants, use Semble for their day-to-day work.

“When I took over MUMS three years ago, we saw five patients a day, with four clinicians and five members of staff. Now we see over 100 patients a day, with 60 staff, and revenue is far greater. It’s a really cost-effective system that allows a small healthcare business grow into a large private hospital.”

Using Semble Data to hit KPIs

For Stephanie’s role in particular, Semble Data helps her see exactly where she is from a financial, operational and medical standpoint, so she can make decisions that help the business continue to grow.

“We use Semble to create KPI reports. Every Monday we go into Semble Data to see how well we’re driving. We look at consultant billing, wait times, services offered, revenue, and more, comparing it to the previous week.”

Stephanie set a particular KPI upon implementing Semble: to get 25% of patients using online booking and payments within the first six months.

“It’s a really cost-effective system that allows a small healthcare business grow into a large private hospital.”
- Stephanie Byrom

“We’ve exceeded our target – 50% now book and pay online. It’s changed MUMS. Check-in and discharge is easier; cashflow is better; there’s less chasing bad debt. And it’s a much better service for the patient."

Becoming debt-free with financial reporting

Semble has helped the team get a good grasp on the financial loss they were experiencing with their old system. Not only have they managed to streamline their stock processes, they’ve also built a report that shows what’s owed to them over the last 30, 60, 120 days and beyond.

“It’s easy for us to report at the end of each day any outstanding amounts and share them with the patients or insurers. Debt is almost a thing of the past with Semble. It’s had a massive impact and greatly helped our cashflow.”

Positive patient reviews

Most importantly, having Semble support every aspect of MUMS' service – particularly as they continue to grow – has created a much better service for their patients.

“About 99% of our patients give us great reviews. We couldn’t get those great patient reviews if we didn’t have the right tools to provide great patient care – and that’s Semble. It’s the cornerstone of our business – it’s our bible.

“There’s no other system like Semble. I’ve tried them all. No one else ticks all the boxes for managers, admin, clinicians, and their patients.”

To find out more about how reporting can help you expand your business, take a look at our dedicated Semble Data page. 

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