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Reliable data migration ends NPH Groups’ fears of lost data

August 16, 2022
NPH Group is a leading provider of independent occupational health and medical services in Newcastle and the Northeast. They made the move to Semble for practice management software that was configurable, simple, affordable, and could integrate well with other systems
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NPH Group: At a glance

Clinic type: Occupational health and medical services

Staff: 22

Needs: A smooth, secure migration of patient data


The challenge: Concerns of losing data 

The privacy of patient information is a top priority for any healthcare provider, so when making the move to Semble, there were understandably concerns around the exporting of data from the old system.  

Mark Philpott, Chief Executive for NPH Group, was put in charge of the migration to Semble, and worked with us closely to ensure that their data was handled successfully.  

Mark has overseen seven migrations over his career and usually found the process to be “very challenging”. But with Semble, he had a very different experience.  

Semble has a dedicated Migrations team who, alongside our Customer Success team, work with our practices – big and small – every step of the way during the onboarding process. This became evident to Mark and NPH Group, who appreciated Semble’s vigilance when it came to transferring data.  

“Semble worked with us to make sure the configuration around that data was sound. It was a good, cooperative process of getting us up and running as quickly as possible." 

Mark Philpott 
Chief Executive, NHP Group 

The solution: Data migration made manageable  

Since successfully migrating over to Semble, NPH Group have seen several improvements in how their organisation is run. 

Ease of Use 

Adopting any new software can be a pain, especially for something as important as practice management. NPH Group found, however, that Semble is clean and simple to use, which helped them survive the turbulent pandemic.  

“Semble have done a good job of keeping the processes simple and intuitive. Because of this, we were able to move and pivot quickly into a rapidly changing market.” 

For NPH Group, the future of health tech is integration. Not only have they made full use of Semble’s integrations with Xero and Microsoft Word, but they have also utilised Semble’s Public API to create a range of bespoke solutions.   

“Being able to configure the system based around our needs, and create a workflow for our clinicians, has been key for the running of our organisation." 
Patient Engagement 

A secure migration of patient data was not the only thing NPH Group got when moving over to Semble. Thanks to Semble's Telehealth and sharing portal, NPH Group were able to stay connected with their patients throughout the pandemic. 

“The ability to share information back to the client was key." 

Semble’s dedicated Migrations and Customer Success teams are determined to change the fears surrounding migration.

Data migration doesn’t have to be challenging. With a clear plan and the correct amount of support, any healthcare provider can experience a smooth migration process like NPH Group. 

For more information about our data migration process, take a look at our Five Steps of Data Migration. 

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